We know How Relationship Work and so can you!

The book, How Relationships Work, really does explain exactly how relationships work. In Part 1 (only 50 pages) you learn the whole system. .

Part 2 has all the look-up information for each of┬áthe 12 relationship seesaws . You don’t have to read this section unless you want to understand more about a specific relationship..

Part 3 has the questions you want to ask to know what’s wrong with a specific relationship.

If you want to join a small “discussion group” taking you through all your major human relationships, that opportunity is available for the right people.

No other system explains HRW unless they copied this original theory.
Many thousands of books have been written on How Relationships Work by famous experts and intuitive writers. But they didn’t know what this book can teach you.


And they won’t until they study it here for themselves or after a while this theory will eventually go mainstream.